Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Japan tourist/visitor visa

Okay, a lot have been asking how I got a Japan tourist/visitor visa, here's the list of requirements:

-Application form which I downloaded here

-2 pictures, 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background. in my case sinabi ko nalang sa Tronix, "Japan visa size" hehe

-Philippine Passport, must be valid until 6 months after departure

-Birth Certificate issued by NSO within 1 year. photocopy will do for those who previously had a Japan visa, as in andie's case

-Proof of Assets. I gave a Bank Certificate of 1 payroll account
and Photocopy of 2 passbooks (I have no assets other than that)

-Photocopy of most recent Income Tax Return (ITR). I gave my 2008 ITR

-Certificate of Employment. I don't know if this helped: mine had info on my monthly salary and number of years I've been working in the company

-daily itinerary. should be detailed, like day 1: eat at jap resto, day 2: nagoya castle, day 3: sleep all day, etc etc. I can't remember much, Mazel listed the places, Andie retyped the list to this format. Ours wasn't in japanese chars btw.

there. or just double check from this list. Bring them all to Reli Tours, Mall of Asia -left side if you're on EDSA facing MOA. it's just outside the department store (I'm not sure btw but I think they have a branch in Megamall. googlize nalang. haha.)

You just have to leave your docs, a japanese guy will check on the spot if they're complete -No need for embassy personal appearance. Processing fee's Php 2000 (pag na-deny, goodbye 2000 hehe) He said that processing will take 7-10 working days BUT we got ours after 3 working days! :) We got that common visitor visa: single entry, max of 15 days stay, 3 months validity.

Budget Budget Budget

And for those who have been asking me how much I spent -well, It's really hard to give a value as it all depends on what kind of shopper you are, and we didn't have to pay for our accomodation, so that makes a lot of difference (hehee, thanks ate mel and mazel!) ...so, just to give you a hint on how much your budget should be here are the prices that I could remember:

small bottle of mineral water: ¥120
A scoop of ice cream: ¥320
average set meal (that's satisying and yummy enough): ¥1200
train ride: ~¥200-¥400
train ride-all-you-can: ~¥600
taxi for just about 5km: ¥1500

conversion: ¥1 = P0.52... shocked with all the prices?! haha! (I use P0.50 for easy computation. though, take note you shouldn't convert when shopping or you won't be able to buy anything. seriously. You'll spend ¥100 like it's P10 here. at yung isang lapad (¥10,000) e lumilipad lang na parang isang libo. there. haha!)